Monday, October 17, 2016

Juliet Huns - Behind the Scenes

Like a comet streaking across the night time sky, Juliet Huns will light up everything around you listening to her debut EP Behind the Scenes. However, unlike a comet, Huns’ first release has staying power that allows listeners to revisit the EP’s three songs and get long-lasting enjoyment from their creativity. This is totally a pop song collection, but Huns stretches the limits of pop far beyond their usual purview. Instead of relying on the same blueprint each time, Huns mixes a variety of other minor influences in with her unerring pop instincts for some truly remarkable moments. These songs seem to spin out of her effortlessly and, undoubtedly, much of the reason for that can be laid at the feet of her stylishness and bravery. Simply put, Huns is a singer willing to try anything once because she knows her voice can carry anything. From the pure pop moments to harder, edgier excursions, Huns sounds in control throughout.
Like any great musical release, Behind the Scenes builds on itself. “Realized” is the first song and foundation of the EP’s ambitions. It is musically dominated by a variety of keyboard and synthesizer lines, including electronic drums and bass, but it never sounds cold or unfeeling. There is a thick aura of warmth surrounding the production on Behind the Scenes and this warmth conveys a real intimacy to the listener often lacking in commercially minded pop music. There are small crescendos and breakdowns throughout the song that bring an extra amount of pizzazz to an already stirring opener. Huns’ phrasing makes the most of fine lyrics. There’s nothing in the words to this song that will leave listeners scratching their heads, but it goes far beyond the usual Top 40 fare in depicting her personal dialogue.
“Gone” breaks with the first track in its inclusion of rockier sounds, like electronically treated guitar, and a muscular chorus that relies a great deal on thrashing guitar lines to make its impact. Instead of the breakdowns and micro-crescendos heard in the opener, Huns’ approach her makes the most of dynamics – alternating raucous passages with much more restrained moments. Her vocal, as before, takes full advantage of the well-written lyrics and helps the song reach its fullest potential. Behind the Scenes closes with “Red Line”, a song that attempts being everything to everyone and succeeding. Dynamics, once again, are the order of the day and this song does a better job than the first one at manipulating the arrangement for maximum dramatic effect. The lyrical content here maintains the same high standard as before, but Huns’ singing certainly does much to envelop the text with even more power and passion than either of the first two songs.
Behind the Scenes sends this prodigious talent’s career off into the stratosphere. Juliet Huns sounds absolutely inspired throughout, as if she is fully aware that this is her big chance to reach the widest of possible audiences, and she never disappoints. Three songs may not seem like much, but she makes the most of them, and it is sure to leave her audience quite satisfied.

9 out of 10 stars 

Scott Wigley  

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