Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jesse Eplan – Dreams

Jesse Eplan – Dreams 

Jesse Eplan’s dreams are coming true every day. This young musical artist’s latest single “Dreams” promises that his live performances will only increase, his recent television appearances will be followed by more of the same, and talented potential collaborators will seek him out to help elevate him even higher than before. Eplan, however, is gifted enough that facilitating his own rise isn’t any issue. His latest self-produced single “Dreams” has the stuff of greatness confined within its three minute running time. Eplan is a multi-instrumentalist, so it might surprise some that he contents himself with employing a variety of electronic instruments to realize the song’s potential, but this is a completely modern artist informed by the past, but never beholden to its templates. It is quite clear, furthermore, that the nature of his instruments never restricts him from making credibly emotive music.  

“Dreams” begins sparsely, but comes together quickly and lays down a meaningful groove that Eplan will ride, in one variation or another, for the entirety of the track. The groove is centered on the bass and percussion he adorns the track with. Neither are assertive in the way that live musicians are, but manifesting assertiveness isn’t the mission here. Eplan wants to conjure a contemplative, deliberate R&B backing and this succeeds at doing so without ever allowing the theatrical nature of his atmospherics become the whole story. He’s included a number of short, but critically important, dips throughout each musical passage that gives the song some added drama, but it hits its big peaks and valleys throughout and contains some surprisingly rousing notes.  

His vocal is thoughtful yet entertaining. The wordplay is a bit advanced for typical songs in this genre, but never so much so that it seems pretentious or Eplan has trouble managing his phrasing. Everything rolls out of him with a smoothness of delivery that few, if any, will find fault with. He also knows when to raise the bar on his vocal intensity and those moments help to provide “Dreams” with some of its most memorable moments. The lyrical content has an almost confessional, singer/songwriter sensibility – Eplan certainly wants us to enjoy ourselves listening to this song, but he also wants to share what his experience getting his music out to the public and chasing stardom has been like for him. His sense, popping up throughout the track, that even these first inklings of commercial success can disappear as quickly as it came is an astonishing admission from such a young talent, but it further illustrates how he’s cut from a difficult cloth than a lot of artists working today. 

Jesse Eplan is a major talent. He may have spent a lot of time toiling in semi-obscurity with self-produced works appearing on websites like SoundCloud, but he’s no longer pop music’s best kept secret on the Internet. Instead, “Dreams” establishes him as an artist on the rise and it’s certain that his future follow ups to this fantastic cut will only continue to build on the success of this track.  

Dale Butcher

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