Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Spiders - Another Mile

The Spiders Another Mile
The Spiders are an authentic band with real people. Watching their video Another Mile you see four regular guys jamming out. They are not dressed in leather or spandex. They play in an American flag t-shirt and a pair of jeans or a bowling shirt. One of them even wears a Spider-man T-shirt. They could be your neighbors. In that music video you also get the feeling from these guys that they’re close and that they really care about the music they make. Their biggest concern is their lyrics and the sound of the song.  
One of their newly released songs is Another Mile. This song is all about being able to overcome difficulties in life and making it to that next mile. The video on YouTube features scenes from the American Classic movie, Forest Gump. It also has sections of the video containing bits of the band itself. The song is very much about the American spirit and running towards your dreams. Election Day is their better known song. It was played all over radio stations for awhile. The song is about the working class. It’s about Americans who work at minimum wage jobs, like Starbucks and fast food to get by. The song is also about those who fought for their country. The Spiders are including all people who pay taxes in this segment of the song. It’s also critiquing those who are paid by those taxes. It’s about those who run the country and whom we elect, or rather who we have to choose between. This band is definitely a band about America. They are pointing out obvious flaws which almost everyone sees with these elected officials. However, the song is still from a Patriotic viewpoint. It’s about the choices you have on Election Day and how even though there is a choice when you vote you still don’t feel like there is much of a choice. This is because voters only get to choose between two bad candidates.  
This band originates from LA. Their lead guitarist and Vocalist, Nick DeStefano was in a few videos which were featured on MTV. He’s played pretty much everywhere in the US and he also was signed for a solo career in his earlier days. The sound of the band is rock is a quick pace and easy to listen to. Their songs are relatable and have a real AC/DC feel to them. Also the instrumental parts of the songs have a country sound, soft and nice. 
This vibe the music gives off goes well with their style of music and the lyrics they are writing. It gives The Spiders an authentic feel and watching and listening to them just makes you feel good. These guys are writing and playing these songs in a way which you don’t see any more, without the need for a flawless image. They could be your neighbor or uncle. Also they really look like they’re having fun while they play. All of them wear a smile at some point in their videos. Jamming out with friends and singing a great message.
Kevin Hardy

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