Monday, June 11, 2018

Cathy Hutch releases LP

Cathy Hutch releases LP

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada is home to singer and songwriter Cathy Hutch. In addition to volunteering her musical talents for autism fundraisers and her community, Hutch has found the time to release her second album, Free Wheelin.'

The 11-song album is foot tapping and soul-searching journey ready for summer listening and perfect for country-blues-rock playlists.

The title track gets you behind the wheel and ready to roll down the road or along the coast on your motorcycle. Hutch’s band is equally deserving of accolades. This tune could fit nicely into an Americana-roots rock genre. The guitar riffs, as well as the piano and percussions on all of the tracks are flawless and tight. Free Wheelin’ gets two thumbs up for setting the mood for a nice, easy going summer.

It’s interesting that Hutch makes you feel like you’re moving and there’s a sense of nature and certainly the human spirit in her songs, but it’s really an album that is best-experienced sitting down and not being distracted. You fall into her vocal spell.  She will color your day with grace, light and rapture.

Songs like “Know It All” and “Sweet Dave” are amplified, and Hutch seems to dig deeper into her vocal arsenal for edgier deliveries. Her originality is refreshing and she’s not trying to be anything she’s not. While some might compare Hutch to the legendary Tanya Tucker, Pat Benatar, or even Melissa Etheridge, Cathy Hutch stands her ground in an already entertaining splendor. She’s genuine and passionate. Most of all, her caring smile comes through in all the tracks.

At first listen I didn’t think “Carry You Along” would be my favorite track. It’s very wholesome and almost children’s programming or Christian rock. It’s an upbeat song, and like the final track “Lullaby” her passion for the human spirit shines through. “Lullaby” is certainly timely and reminds us that we have to get together. In a motherly way, she sings to us as if we were sing out loud an evening prayer. Both of these songs stuck with me throughout my day and her voice seemed to remind me to keep my head up and move forward.

Hutch serenades the listener with her angelic voice in “Good Friends Like You” and again in “Reflections.” While some listeners might find it hokey or even silly to fall into these feel-goodery songs, Hutch reminds the listener that she can keep her listeners moving and listening with her quick upbeat tracks like “Sweet Dave.” She’s a true artist. Her vulnerable voice channels the idea of personal growth and taking personal inventory of a who’s who in your life. “Good Friends Like You” might appeal to mostly females, but it’s still an open diary. Props to Cathy for sharing her words and her voice.

Colin Steele

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