Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lauria – Losing Me

Lauria – Losing Me

Lauria, aka Florie-Laure Zadigue Dubé, brings her new single to the world with a bold and vibrant debut that cuts through the noise of the day with a vibe that changes everything from moods to minds once you hear it. “Losing Me” is a hit song by a hit artist in the making, as it comes before what should be a string of others to go with it at the rate it hits the senses. Not that Laurie is trying to come on too strong, but it does its own magic either way, as she eases her way into a music career after playing in a band with her cousin and being around her producer-  uncle a lot, who now manages her. 

It really plays like a great little earworm that her vocals top off and make an anticipating ballad that consistently builds as it goes and simply does the business by the time it’s over. The vocals soar and spar back and forth together with a sultry, very relaxing result. It comes with lyrics that the title sums up and further elaborates with the cause and effects of losing the love that deserves better care. Lauria’s voice is something to behold as she pleads for the cause and helps make the song, as that what her vocals alone can do. Simply amazing to say the least. 

The Pop structure she weaves is really-just the outlining genre in which she has no qualms about being listed, but Lauria aims beyond classification and doesn’t bottle herself into any. This is a slow song with a slow groove and the music setting complements her vocals without dominating the arrangement, placing her more along the lines of R&B and even hip hop that is sung without rapping. If she can be all three, then that is what she is. But I can also imagine her singing jazz as well because her voice suits just about any type of music and she makes no secret of that, so it’s no accident. 

For a break-up song played like a love song it has the best of both worlds and the singer with just the right shops for it, and the songwriting is excellent so it’s easy to assume there’s more on the horizon from Laurie, with only one single so far to sense that. You can tell there’s a lot more in her, but you have-to start somewhere and this is a monster start. Put five to ten more of these down and Laurie won’t be looking back, she’s a force to reckon with. 

It’s not very often that you come across such impacting debut single releases anymore, but Laurie has-the ability to blend in with the times without losing old fashioned values. And coming from Montreal it’s an exotic sound that isn’t often heard everywhere, which she classifies as an artist too. That’s some of the difference between Lauria and some other singers of the day with less eloquence, and eloquence is a good way to describe both her vocals and the music on “Losing Me.” Don’t miss this killer new cut by an extraordinary artist that sings with the passion of the best around.

David Ricks 

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