Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Kanisha K - Bet On Me

Kanisha K - Bet On Me 

Michigan born singer/songwriter Kanisha K continues her recent run of successful singles with  the release of her latest song “Bet on Me”. Once again working alongside producer and co-writer Joe Vulpis, Kanisha turns in her most impressive vocal yet with accompanying direct and conversational lyrics. This song doesn’t just work on one level, however; like all great music, listeners are allowed to derive any meaning they wish from the content. She certainly throws herself into the song with equal parts passion and conviction and the backing band hits all their marks with skill and stylishness in deep supply. Kanisha’s talents have earned her awards and numerous endorsement deals, but she isn’t some flash in the pan flavor of the moment; she’s climbed the ladder of success higher and higher thanks to talent, above all else, and the discipline to make those talents work for her.  

She has an unwavering approach evident in every line and musical turn. Kanisha, obviously, centers her performance on the movement of the music and the result is a seamless exchange between vocalist and musicians that never fail to engage the listener. Her vocal style is intensely physically – you can literally hear the price she pays to deliver these lines every time she steps up to the microphone, but the strength of her voice is such that it never wavers and comes through every time. Studio confections can’t always be trusted, but Kanisha gives no hint that she wouldn’t be able to perform this song with the same lung-busting power for a paying audience. This sort of talent can be refined, but it cannot be taught. Kanisha sings like someone born for that specific role and there’s not a syllable of staginess in the way she presents herself. Instead, it’s impossible to escape the unfettered emotional honesty filling this song and it’s certain to touch all but the most cynical. The lyrics are, nominally, structured in such a way to suggest that this is a love song, a yearning plea to be cherished, but her performance is rich enough that it works in a variety of ways.  

The guitar work is particularly biting and never hogs too much of the spotlight. The piano and drumming accompanying Kanisha are equally evocative thanks to the musical restraint shown by the players and their priceless selection of when to play and when to hold back. It results in some great, small spaces in the song where music and listeners alike get a momentary respite to just simply breathe, but it also results in some memorable crescendos that give the song added dramatic value. This song is firmly in a pop vein, but Kanisha’s vocal abilities and the accompaniment also show a strong blues influence that’s ideal for the emotional tone of her lyrics. “Bet on Me” is Kanisha K’s greatest moment yet and comes to the listener with its heart in hand; you’ll be hard pressed to not give it the credit that it so obviously deserves.  

Montey Zike

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