Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Susan Calloway - Time For This

Susan Calloway - Time For This 

Susan Calloway has the whole gamut of objective and subjective qualities required for stardom in the music world. There’s no argument she possesses one of the most compelling and emotionally capable voices in pop or rock music today. She’s equally effective on both the higher and lower ends of her register and never sings a refrain the same way twice. The subjective qualities of her appeal matter as well. She’s a stunningly beautiful lady who manifests a ton of personality in her vocal performances and surrounds herself with worthwhile collaborators like her producer and songwriting partner Gerard Smerek. Smerek’s long experience with Calloway’s personality and skills gives him a wide look into the best possible ways of presenting Calloway’s talents. This Detroit based singer/songwriter has a go for broke attitude informing her considerable skills and owns every line of “Time for This” like this is a spontaneous first take. 

Such a plaintive emotional mood deserves the bare bones musical treatment defining this song. The piano counterpointing Calloway’s voice on this song is more than enough to carry the track and they strike up such immediate chemistry that, if your ears notice the lack of additional activity, you’ll soon dismiss such concerns. The playing dives, soars, doubles back over itself, and sets up a near classical setting for Calloway’s voice to inhabit. Moreover, it forces listeners to keep their attention on two central elements rather than four or more. The setup for this track draws our ears to piano and vocals and how these respective instruments play off and against each other. The arrangement, furthermore, begins and ends in appropriately spot on fashion without any grandiose fanfare at either point. Many bands and performers have a wont for overexerted greatness utilizing these sorts of textures, but Calloway resists that sort of self-indulgence. The piano playing also conjures up a percussive quality at certain points that underlines the song’s power. 

The singing is up to the challenge. Calloway shows off a lot of gravel and grit in her vocal, plus an ample amount of power, but there’s a great deal of style coming with what she does. Her range is wide, but the most important aspect of what she does comes from the sharp and dramatic phrasing she invests the lyrics with. She’s more than capable of hitting all the same musical peaks and valleys summoned to life from the piano playing. The lyrics never gloss up the experience depicted by this song and give Calloway plenty of material to work with in her effort to create a brief musical world. “Time for This” stays accessible through melody, a stripped down musical arrangement, and a powerhouse vocalist with enough skill to get over a grocery list. Talents like this don’t come around often and Susan Calloway is making all of the right moves to realize her potential. This single is just one more step towards widespread mainstream recognition and is sure to win over many new converts.  

Gilbert Mullis

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