Saturday, July 22, 2017

Paul Kloschinsky

Paul Kloschinsky 

Paul Kloschinsky was born in Saskatchewan in 1963. He attended the University of British Columbia in the 1980’s and received a BSc in Computer Science and an MD. After living and working across Canada he has returned to his hometown of Delta, BC, Canada. He has played in a few rock bands in the Vancouver area since High School. He is now a Folk-Rock Singer Songwriter. He won the 2007 MusicAid Award for Best Canadian Songwriter for his original song Wearin’ Blue. He released his first album, Woodlands, February 24, 2009 on Prism/Universal in Canada. In addition to being a songwriter, he is also an avid poet and photographer. That is as much background he’s working with besides the mention of several subsequent releases which have culminated into “Crime Of Passion” with mixed results coming from this direction. The songs are good and his voice is strong, but the songwriting and production are what suffer the most for a better than not album. This makes it worth sharing some good and bad thoughts, which are neither here nor there, but might help anyway. It wasn’t easy to even get in the right mood to give proper perspective to this until it hit me and dawned that it’s folk for the most part, when I was expecting a “rock” artist.

Once that was over I was able-to give it a better chance but still don’t find it overly spectacular in the process. As a folk-artist I would still expect more energy to back words of wisdom usually contained within the songwriting formula, but it could just be my own in-familiarity with him. That’s no mark against this release, it just shows my lack of knowledge and leaves me up to describing some of the tracks, hoping to turn the right ears onto it. For the sake of the song it’s never that hard to give an objective opinion no matter how into the genre, as-long as it’s good it’s still worth expressing a thing or two about.

“I’m Still Waiting” doesn’t promise a lot, so you can see hesitation is already temping, but it’s not a total loss as the album opener either. You do get where he’s singing from, which is straight from the heart. It helps him to get these lyrics of his mind, and that is clearly written all over the words. It’s pretty-deep but not so deep that it bores you to tears or anything. There’s just a pedestrian vibe to this, which doesn’t impress right off the bat. “Crime Of Passion” would have been a better opportunity to open with more punch, and that’s only the first thing I noticed. There’s more, much much more.

This follows with an even more melodramatic vocal delivery that actually-works this time. But this all takes a few listens to really absorb the beauty of this album as a-whole and that is why the most inspiring moments make up the best way to get the word out there about it. The product always deserves more description than the artist, so if you want the best of what this has-to offer, look no further than the tracks I’ve described, along with the greatness to be found in that of “Sooth Me” “Not Frightened To Be Free” and last but not least the final sleeper track “Gates Of Heaven” which you’ll have to hear to figure that and the rest out.

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