Monday, November 14, 2016

Alessandro Coli - I Betcha

Alessandro Coli - I Betcha 

The power and intelligence of Alessandro Coli’s latest single “I Betcha” is a testament to a young artist’s commitment to continued growth, but it is so much more. It’s also a strongly personal statement about the hurt a human heart can feel when they invested their emotions into caring about someone who, in the end, casts them off and reveals themselves as unfeeling towards their caring. It’s a memorable dance track that has great artfulness rather than a basic thud and crash so often associated with the genre’s crasser and more obvious acts. Coli’s artfulness is an enormous reason for his past success and the quality of this latest release. He’s attached himself to top notch and recognized production talent that clearly knows how to present his voice and songwriting in the best possible light, but he’s not an inflated talent benefitting from some behind the scenes fader pushing champion. Instead, Alessandro Coli gives listeners conclusive proof that the genre’s future endurance lies with performers like himself rather than the fly by night performers who aim for the lowest common denominator each time and keep their eyes exclusively on the money.  

It has a perfect length. No dance song should really ever run longer than four minutes and “I Betcha” barely clears three minutes. The amount of time keeps things properly focused and reduces any chance for self-indulgence which, ultimately, is a killer for dance music. Coli and his collaborators bring a focus to dance songwriting that’s unusual for its balance of intensity and practically kaleidoscopic entertainment value. It is a very colorful and completely electronic track, but forget any preconceived notions you may have about the sterility of electronic music. It’s a cliché dating back the initial popularization of keyboards and synthesizers in modern music and technology has progressed by leaps and bounds since that era. The music powering “I Betcha” has warmth and moves with all the naturalness of stringed instruments and the structure of the song has that same organic quality.  

It’s the vocals that truly bring everything to life. Coli has a strong connection with the music and never fails to take advantage of the music’s rhythm. His attentiveness to the music pays off by bringing amping up the song’s physicality considerably. He really carries off the lyrics with an offhanded charm that short circuit the negative sentiment he harbors towards the lady who hurt him. Part of what makes this song such a delicious listening experience is the smirking glee he takes in telling off his ex, but he’s never heavy handed enough to make the hearing of such emotions uncomfortable or dull.  

This is a powerful follow up to his debut that shows Alessandro Coli isn’t a performer interested in revisiting the same song in an assortment of different forms. He means business in his search for a wider audience and that requires raising the bar with each successive release. “I Betcha” fits the bill and more.  

Aaron Ellis 

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