Monday, November 21, 2016

TNT Music - Pieces

TNT Music - Pieces 

Collaborations either catch fire or fall flat. It’s hard to identify the needed elements for combustion because they vary so wildly from context to context. Certain artists require particular dynamics for a creative partnership to flower. Other performers/artists are completely adverse to these partnerships from the outset. The founding of websites like Soundcloud and others of that sort have provided invaluable forums for collaborative-minded artists. Tim Toz and Joy Tolbert, long time veterans of the music industry, initially met through Soundcloud and soon struck up a rapport. That conviviality has resulted in over a dozen songs written and their latest release, “Pieces”, reflects the growing depth of their team work. This could scarcely be a more complete recording – production, songwriting, arranging, playing, and vocals are all attended to with a professionalism benefitting the seriousness of the presentation. TNT Music moderate their ambition – this is exactly what it purports to be and no more. However, it is something spectacularly entertaining and embodying real depth. 

The lyrical content is well suited to the music. It’s for sure that the duo isn’t writing about some new subject never before broached in the annals of pop history, but Tolbert is a deceptively simple lyricist who can quite clearly draw from her own personal experiences to craft a compelling emotional and quasi-conventional narrative for her listeners. Accessible lyrics are key, but they never dumb them down so much that their audience will feel pandered to. She gives everything a gusty reading too and seems almost supernaturally attuned to the spirit of each passage. Vocalists with such emotive deep who consistently give well-rounded consideration to the song are always going to stick with listeners no matter what technology or new fad rushes in to seemingly replace basic human interplay.  

The music opens in a very brash fashion with Toz handling a variety of instrumental chores, but after a short introduction, things become much more sedate and laid back during the verses. Toz and Tolbert work extremely well together, but Toz’s effortless ability to steadily elevate the sonic tension contributes to making this song a real piece of musical magic. Despite containing no exhortations, no call to arms or storm the ramparts, “Pieces” has a surprising anthemic quality sure to capture the attention of many. The song never runs on too long either – TNT Music are looking to move listeners and seize their imaginations, so not one note or word is wasted in their effort to do so. 

This is collaboration that’s caught fire. TNT Music stands out from the pack of four piece bands and larger thanks to the utter sincerity of their work, the profound talents at their disposal, and the steady confidence to create music full of melody and experience built to stand the test of time. These are the sort of fundamental truths behind all great acts and bands. TNT Music has a firm handle on that with their latest single “Pieces”.  

Montey Zike

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